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Nanakutzi is a Michoacan brand that has been dedicated to keeping the mezcal tradition alive for more than 20 years. This task has been inherited from generation to generation, allowing the brand to have the necessary experience on agave distillates, under the regime of the lunar biodynamic system, which is commonly understood as “the lunar phases.” “Nanakutzi” comes from two Purépecha words: “Nana” which means lady or mother and “Kutzi”, the Moon goddess.


Luz María Saavedra

The Michoacan mezcalera founder of NanaKutzi

Challenging beliefs that female energy diminishes production, women in Michoacán have ventured into all phases of mezcal production.

Luz María Saavedra, demonstrated 23 years ago that far from affecting, women are a source of impetus for the production of the drink that today has not only a denomination of origin but certification.

“When I was very young, I came to Madero to carry out the Rural Development Plan through which I realized that the municipality had great potential for the production of mezcal”.

Together with José, he founded Nana Kutzi (Señora Luna) an artisan mezcal that owes its name not only to the Purépecha origins of its founder, but also to the lunar phase with which the drink is made.

“We work the distillation with the lunar phase, we even harvest and cut the firewood only with a seasoned moon, which guarantees quality”.

Our ancestors perfected the art of mezcal

and our duty is to preserve their heritage.

From plant to bottle, we preserve ancient traditions…

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