Mezcal Drinks


This is a fairly light and refreshing drink that is prepared with grapefruit soda and plenty of ice so that the intensity of the tequila is reduced and it is always cold until the last drink. This cocktail is the perfect accompaniment for parties of all kinds and especially summer ones due to its filling and refreshing power.


It is ideal for a meeting with friends, a cocktail night, or for a relaxing afternoon in the comfort of your home, as long as it is taken with caution, despite the fact that the other ingredients manage to dilute the degree of alcohol in the entire drink. in exaggerated amounts it can fall bad.

Margarita Classic

Despite being refreshing, this drink is somewhat strong because it combines two liquors, Tequila blanco and Cointreau; that harmonize perfectly with the lemon and orange juice and the sweet note provided by the agave syrup.

The Margarita is an infallible, simple recipe that has a wonderful flavor that should be on your list of cocktails to offer at parties, roast meats (barbecues) and all kinds of gatherings.

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